Chapter 3Mature

They've rode two-thirds of all the rides in the park and, although, it was planned to go on the roller coaster 10 times, Carolina could only do four. They sit in the food court now, sipping shakes. DJ snaps pictures of themselves and their dress colors. Danielle wore a pink shirt and overall shorts. Carolina wore a bright yellow dress. DJ wore a red shirt and violet shorts.

"Check the hottie wearing the gray shirt" DJ says as she winks at Danielle.

Danielle turns and sees a  guy smiling at her direction. He has short dirty blonde hair and is dinking coke. He winks. "Omg he just winked at me" Danielle giggles.

Carolina and DJ nudged her from under the table "Well, go on and say hi"

"No way" Danielle looks back at the guy but saw that he wasn't there anymore. On the outside she acted like she didn't care. Inside, she felt a pang of loss.

"Oh damn, he's gone" Carolina snaps.

"He was hot" giggles DJ.

"Shut up he's mine" Danielle hits DJ.


They were standing in line to enter the haunted mansion. Carolina wasn't really into stuff like this and only agreed to go in because she didn't have to walk through the mansion. It was a ride and all you had to do was sit and look where it brought you.

Danielle has been in this ride with Craig before. She saw it all before and maybe even remembered what parts of the mansion came first. She used to sit with him and pretended to be scared only so that they would cuddle. She pushes the thought away.

They walk inside. It is dark with only yellow, green, and red lights on. Carolina tugs on to DJ who scares her every now and then. The seats pass them by slowly. All they have to do is leap in. Danielle sees the seats and realizes only two people can fit into one.

"I am not sitting alone!" Carolina complains.

"Shut up Carolina. Everything here is fake. You can sit with me" DJ suggests. "Or you can sit with Danielle"

Danielle remembers how she was with Craig in this place and decides it would be better if she sat alone. "No that's okay. She can sit with you"

"Ok. See you at the end" DJ leaps into one of the seats passing by slowly.

"Shit DJ! Will you wait!" Carolina opens the little door and sits down beside her.

There were other people who came to the ride. Most of them, Danielle noticed, were couples. She enters one of the seats and waits patiently while it moves slowly. Suddenly someone jumps in and sits beside her. She immediately smells man perfume.

"I saw you alone and decided to come and sit with you. I was alone too so I hope you don't mind" he smiled.

Omg, Danielle thinks. He's the guy she saw in the food court. The one who smiled at her. The one who winked at her. The one who, after looking for a second time, disappeared. "No, no. I don't mind" she blushes.

"I'm glad. My name's Craig by the way" he holds his hand open for her to shake.

"Danielle" she shakes his hand.


The End

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