Chapter 2Mature

The little yellow Beetle convertible is small, fast, and Danielle thinks it's cute. She is sitting in front, beside Carolina who is driving. DJ wanted the back. Danielle rests her head backwards enjoying all the sun.

"So how is Danielle so far?" asks Carolina sweetly.

"Danielle is okay. Danielle thinks Carolina's new car is cute. Very cute" replies Danielle with a smile.

"When I showed dad the car, he thought it was so 'lemony'. He didn't like yellow" Carolina complains.

"But Carolina bought the car anyway because baby blue was too common, she didn't really like lime green or orange.  She thought black looked too dark for her, she thought the pink one was too 'barbie', the red was too, I quote, 'sexy for her'---"

Danielle cuts DJ and laughs "Sexy for her? What does that mean?"

"I don't know! She's weird. I would've chosen the shiny red one" DJ says, particularly to Carolina.

"And then I saw the yellow" she looks at her mirror to DJ who sticks a tongue out at her jokingly. "...and it was the CUTEST thing ever. So I bought it"

Danielle laughed. She misses laughing with her friends. She looks at Carolina and admires her long curly black hair and thought if it would look good on herself. Then she turns around to DJ who's eating chips, and thinks her angled bob cut and blonde hair didn't match the name DJ. DJ sounded boyish.

"Want some?" DJ offers the chips.

"No thanks" she looks straight ahead again and wonders where they were going. "You guys dragged me out of my apartment and you never even told me where we were going"

"Oh, sorry 'bout that" replies Carolina "Well, we knew you wouldn't be over Craig---"

"Please no cursed names"

"We knew you wouldn't be over him immediately after two weeks. So we decided to bring you some place where you could scream"


"Yes, scream" confirms DJ.

"I don't want to go to some mountain" whines Danielle.

"What the fridge. If we brought you to some mountain we would not have dressed you oh so pretty" scolds DJ

"Yeah and if we went up to the mountains, no one would see you're awesome hair" adds Carolina.

Danielle looks at her long wavy red hair. It looks normal to her. "So where are we going?"

"The amusement park" beams DJ.

"The only reason DJ chose the amusement park was because it was cheaper today. But I wanted to bring you to a fancy restaurant" Carolina says.

"She's just gonna cry in a restaurant. It's boring there."

"Whatever DJ"

Danielle thinks and realizes that she can scream in the amusement park and nobody would think she was crazy. She might even meet a new guy. Danielle smiles with excitement "We should ride the roller coaster 10 times!"

The End

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