Chapter 1Mature

Danielle looks at the mirror. She stares at her reflection. This lady she sees shows she's been depressed. Looks like depressed for a long time. She looks at the calender. It's been two weeks already. Two weeks and she's still like this. It's summer vacation fro crying out loud and she's inside her room, in front of her mirror, staring at herself. Behind her baby pink curtains were the sun's rays. She hadn't had any lights on so it was dim in her room.

She continues to stare, wipes the tears from her eyes, and sighs.  Two weeks of sulking in, of crying, of hurting, of eating too much comfort food, of gaining weight. It has to end, but she's not ready yet. Somehow, she likes the sulking in. Maybe because of all the comfort food.

She slowly stands up and walks to her brownish gold bed. She lies down slowly, taking in the cool feeling of her bed sheets. She glances at the clock beside her table and sees that it's nine o'clock in the morning. Whatever, it's summer vacation anyway. She closes her eyes.

She almost reaches deep sleep when she hears the telephone ring. She groans, clearly does not want to answer. It rings again, calling for her. She gives in because the sound is annoying.

"Hello?" she says softly.

"Danielle are you still in bed?" a voice replied as if scolding.

"Leave me alone Dorothy Jane"

"Hey, Dorothy Jane? I know you're cranky but no need to insult me"

"Fine. DJ, What do you want?"

" Carolina and I will be coming over at noon after lunch"


"We gave you time to sit and grieve there. Now, it's time to kick some ass" DJ says enthusiastically.  "Good bye hun. Remember, later, noon, comin' over" and she hangs up.

"Ugh" Danielle complains and puts the phone down. She closes her eyes and this time drifts off to deep sleep.

The End

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