It's like they've never seen a crazy person before

It's funny how inspirational dance is. I like dance, I've been learning salsa dancing by watching youtube videos and getting weird stares at people watching me watch the computer screen and doing the dances. I get the strangest looks when this is happening in the library, it's like they've never seen a crazy person before.

I plan on going back to school in the fall I still can't decide between neuroscience and finance. I know I'd go far in either. Neuroscience sounds like so much more fun but so much more work will be involved. I also need to get LP qualified.

tomorrow I fill out more job applications. -.- I know I need either two part time jobs or one full time job and possibly another part time one. Being jobless leaves me alone with my thoughts too much.. my head is a scary place.. no joke. o.O

The End

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