And I Don't Like Chess

How did life become so complicated?  I mean the only major question in my life when I was 7 was, what's for tea.  Now it's uni or gap year, then which uni, what course, then how am I going to pay for it, (if you haven't guessed, I'm currently filling in my UCAS form. Yey...!). But the most complicated is peer and family politics.  It's like a game of frikkin' chess.  And I don't like chess.  You have to guess their next move to understand their current move, but you have to understand their current move to understand their next move and this is all based on past moves!  It so easy to get confused and then the trouble really starts.  If you misinterpret one tiny thing BAM, catastrophe. The worst is when you don't know any of this is going on because it's all in the pragmatics.  You'd think that all this would dissappear when you hit middle age but oh no, it gets worse.  Take my mum and aunty for example, trying to organise a trip to see my new baby cousin involves three hours of negotiation between my mum and cousin, about my aunty without her knowing, then trying to tell her the plan without actually telling her, but more implying the plans.  Is anyone else getting confused?  I think I better go and lie down before I give myself a headache.

The End

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