It's Life But Not As We Know It Jim

This is the story and mad rantings of Morganna Arye through her online blog.

Hi there, I'm new to this so don't really know where to start, but I think my name might be a good place.  I'm Morganna Ayre.  I know, you're thinking what sort of parents would call there child Morganna Ayre.  Well, mine.  'Out side the box' people.  Who have also currently abandoned me.  Not like that don't worry.  I just woke up (late-ish), house empty, no note, which is unusual, but I'm not complaining.  It does mean that I can write this.   One of the only two times I could, (the other being in bed, while the rents are sleeping).  Let me explain, I'm an only child.  With no other siblings to pester, all their attention is focused on me.  Don't get me wrong, I love it sometimes.  No-one to steal my things, a bigger room, more pressents at Christmas and birthdays but I get no privacy what so ever.  Also, looking at the time,  I'm gonna be making lunch for one too.  Spaghetti hoops it is.  Actually, I am feeling quite hungry.  Be right back then people.

Now, where was I.  From the title of this you might be able to tell I'm a Star Trek fan.  FREAK! Yeah, yeah I've been told.  I'm a teenager, we all are.  But according to Stephen Fry on QI, the teenage brain is supposed to be the ideal stage all humans should be at.  So there!  Then again, if it was, god help the world. Imagine that.  A world ruled by hormonal outbursts and back stabbings... wait, it all ready is.  Then there's no hope for the future.  On that depressing thought, I'm off.  The rents are home.  Better pretend to do some 'work'.

The End

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