at the deli

Somewhere, out there is the little town of Pickadeli, not to be punfused with a street in London named Piccadilly. And by London I don't mean Ontario, and in Ontario I don't mean the little town of Piccadelli... I don't, no!... Well alright, I have no right to say that since in truth, I don't know. But at the moment that's not really impotent.

As I was saying, somewhere out there was the little town of Pickadeli, this little town of course had many things, parks and playgrounds, where you hear the barks of greyhounds every hound-dog day, which was the on first Punday of the month, along with parks were also schools and buses, forest areas and four rest areas, a part of the town had houses and an other had apartments, here a part meant about a one sixth of a statistical (I'm so not punning "statistical") meat pie, and it wasn't a big pie, you may wonder what kind of pie... well it depends on who you ask, Goldy Gill Baits computer whiz and part time mathematician will tell you it's a good Pc. of the PI, but some people don't really care what he has to say... But turning back to our onions, along with apartments, were shops and stores, there was even a local mall named Mall-Wart, sadly a few months ago the mall ran into very serious financial trouble, since then they have been able to conserve what was left, but are still in a pickle. And then were the exotic little shops, for example Bendit Laik Bekham's soccer and cricket sports boutique, or the saucy little shop named New Delhi Masala, where the motto was "If it's not hot, it's not fresh!". Or, Eat With Sue! She was actually reputed to make the best sushi in the country. There were also places you could get oriental massages, take yoga classes or meat a real vegetarian pundit! In fact I know this pundit personally, he once took part in a word game competition, you had to submit ten word plays, and the judges would revue and rate each entry, the one with the best score would win. When the results came out I asked him how many of his submissions passed, sadly he responded "No pun in ten did".


(Sorry for not following the theme.)

The End

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