NY or CA?

Delaware Washington was in a state of frenzy.  He had promised to lend his friend Virginia money to help her with her texas without thinking about the new jersey he had ordered. He thought maybe he'd just tell her he couldn't help her but then wondered, if he didn't help her, what did he have a hartford anymaines?  While he worked hard and made good money, though, he certainly was no richmond.   And the jersey was certainly nicer than the phoenix sweater he was wearing.

Just then the subway made a little rock, causing Delaware to bump behind him. 

A stranger, "Hey buddy, des moines?"

"No, Jack, sir, not at all...my fault....Ohio, Jack!", Delaware stuttered as he pierred over his shoulder, lansing behind him.  Was that his boston on the subway? Jacksons the subway?

"Why the subway, sir?", stammered Delaware.

"Junea why?", answered his boss, full of a few drinks,"Junea the wife and I got in a fight dover the card and it was helena handbasket."

"Are you okay?", asked Delaware

"Albany office tomorrow", slurred his superior,"Albequerque but i'll be there, if you know what I mean", said his boss, making spinning "crazy" motions about his temple.

"Saint Paul just the best damned salesperson on the floor?", he continued slapping Delaware on the back, "I'm gonna turn his office into a real life denver that guy.  Give that guy some lincoln his pen and he can concord the world"

"Sir, my numbers are better than Paul's!  They raleigh are!"

"Well, Augusta number's don't lie, Delaware...I'll have topeka the sales charts when I'm in next."

"Thank you, sir,...."

"Yeah, yeah...just don't get your honululu over this" 


The End

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