Who let the cods out? Who? Who?

    From her perch on the staircase,  Sushi saw the package drop and was drawn hook, line, and sinker into the drama.

    "O' Sean," she said to the Irish buoy next to her,  "Let's go see what it is."

    "Why?" he answered in his bass tone.

    "Just for the halibut," said Sushi, always happy as a clam.

    "Nah, don't eel like it," he drawled. "I've got a bit of a haddock."

     Whistling  a happy tuna, Sushi hopped down and over to the package, which had been run over by a truck.

     "Just flat fish," she called,  floundering with the paper wrapping.

     "Sea, urchin," teased O'Sean from his perch, giving her a derisive wave.

     They hurried back into the factory to continue their unionized work, where they were paid to scale but wanted to earn more, eh?




The End

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