The Tale of the Lost Paper Bag?????

Kylie Minnow swam through the shoals of people that were packed like sardines in the Rock and Sole Plaice, the busiest fish and chip shop in the county. She finally reached the exit, clutching the warm lumpy package close; a rather krilly thing to do as the grease began to seep through the paper onto her nice new jacket (potato).

Prawn Connery was waiting outside for her kitted out in his leathers, straddling his motor pike and revving its engine. On reaching him, he noticed the growing grease stain and as she looked down, she bubbled up in anger. "Well, if i put in the washing machine it will shorely shrimp!"

"We'll deal with that later. We need to get our skates on. Mussell Crowe would hake for you to be late!" Prawn replied.

"Alright, no need to get crabby about it! Just cos he's the life and sole of the party! He's actually quite shellfish really and he only cares that he's having a whale of a time." She added sarcastically, "I mean, with frons like that, who needs anenome?!"

"You really have got a chip on your shoulder, haven't you! Well, there's plenty more fish in the sea. "

"Hmm, we'll sea about that."

Swinging her leg round onto the pike, in her distracted fury, she didn't realise she had dropped the package and as they drove away, the scale of events which would rise to the surface from that one action were unimaginable.

Something fishy was going on...



The End

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