In my new very saucy Knickers-BockerGlory I hoped that I might One night stand a chance. I still cant help wondering Y, front and formost Super man wears speedos. He flys, he doesn't swim!. Maybe his fly is broken so he hides it with the pants over his pants.What if they split? It brings the question; Does he wear underpants?Or is he over that? He certainly wears the pants when it comes to being super. Wedgies may trouble him he wouldn't want to be the second Moon in the sky when pulling it out.

Does superman play guitar. What happens when he breaks his G-string in the middle of his favourite thong? He is the overlord of the underpants afterall.

He has no Pant based powers. Is that why he feels he must wear them so boldly without frills? Maybe actually he has a secret PantyHose in his lair?  Who knows whats hidden under the overpants eh?

The End

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