The Rich Beggar

The wealthy man came to the king to ask a favour that he believed to be richly deserved. This man's name was Rich. Rich begged an audience with the king.

The king was indisposed. He was in the can, practicing his emoting abilities in front of the mirror. The kingdom was having a talent night.

The king was a royal canned ham.

When he came out, his royal page came to him, and said that the wealthy man, who was well known to the king, was waiting for him.

The king told the page, to go get Rich. With that, the page up and quit. When the king asked him why, the page said that he was never getting rich with what he was being paid.

When the page left, the king went into the audience room where the wealthy man was on one knee, his hat in his hands, his head bowed.

When the king had given permission to speak, the wealthy man said,"  I beg of thee a favour, Your Majesty. "What is it?" Asked the king.

"My neighbour's donkey keeps coming into our garden and he nibbles at my wife's rear end while she's doing the gardening."

"What would you like me to do?' asked the king.

"I would like you to send a decree around to my neighbour, to make him keep his Ass off my wife's a--!"

The End

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