Homer carried Mildred into the house, and put her on the bed. He stood by the door, back lit from the kitchen light, and asked  her what was the matter, she didn't answer, just buried her face in her pillow, and shook her head. He had fixed her the deadly cocktail and there it stood on her bedside table. But Homer had forgotten about that at the moment.

Homer returned to the kitchen and pushed the open door closed, then remembered Mildred had been shopping, which meant there were supplies in the car. Homer went out to the car and reached across the drivers seat and picked up a small plastic bag from the passenger seat. He was about to close the car door when, In the dim light,  he spotted a container of antifreeze on the floorboard. His anger erupted. "That stupid woman. A VW is air cooled, it doesn't take antifreeze!"  He glanced at his watch. If he hustled he could return the antifreeze before they closed. He rushed back into the house and turned off all the lights. No sense in wasting all that money on electricity while he was gone. He climbed into the VW, and reached down to retrieve the antifreeze from the floor. He didn't see the point of the umbrella jutting up, and as he reached for the container the sharp end of the umbrella punctured his thigh, effectively severing the main artery. It took a few precious minutes before he realized he was pumping out blood.

"The Hospital, I gotta get to the hospital."  Homer started the car and made it to the end of the block, before he passed out. The car rolled through the intersection and came to a stop with it's nose buried in a hedge, Within minutes Homer was dead.

Back at the house, Mildred wiped her eyes. What was she thinking. Killing her husband? she must be going mad. She sat up on the side of the bed, her head was starting to pound. She picked up a container of pain pills, and shook out two. "Now, isn't that sweet of Homer." she thought as she noticed the glass of juice on her bedside table. She popped the pills in her mouth and drank down the entire glass of juice. In seconds she was feeling sleepy.

Two days later there was a small article on page 23 of the local newspaper; the heading, "Together in life, together in death, Homer and Mildred could not stay apart."


The End

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