Could He really do it?

Homer heard the old bug pull up, he glanced out the window and saw Mildred sitting there... that's just what she did sat there..  He stood, staring, wondering what she was doing.

He saw her put her hands up on the steering wheel and just hang her head.  It appeared, she was crying.  He walked to the door, pulled it open and just watched. 

He could hear her, she cried, deep, wracking sobs, ,,,what?  He went down the steps and to the car door..  Her small frame shook, her head was bent, she gripped the wheel and her hands were snow white.  Something about it, wasn't right.

Homer, opened the door of the car, Mildred tunrned her head towards him.. He helped her out of the car, gathered her up into his arms and carried her into the house.  She felt small, vulnerable, frail as if she would break, she threw her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. 

His heart broke, could he really do it?

The End

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