Right Under His Nose

Mildred kept her pills in a fanny pack, she liked to call it a satchel, who used that word any more.

He looked thru the medication.. Let's see, Bumex, she'd just urinate all  over the place..  Lipitor, hmmm she'd have great cholesterol.. Glucovance, yes, anti diabetic.  Homer took one of the pills out, that wasn't going to work, dang thing was hard as times of 29. 

He put the pill back and went thru the rest of Mildreds medications, blood pressure and heart meds..  Then he saw the big bottle containing the liquid.. he picked it up and read it.  His eyes lit up, but, just in case he went to the computer to look it up online.

It had been right there  under his nose. Potassium Chloride, nasty stuff if you weren't careful.  The body needed it and for a cardiac patient it was essential  to keep things running properly.. A lack of,  would produce, cramps, tiredness, dizziness.. But what he wanted was the opposite,, too much, produced heart attack, and, it was liquid. 

He found an empty medicine bottle and poured a good amount of the Potassium into it.  He replaced the original bottle back in her SATCHEL.. he had to laugh..  "Oh Mildred, I am going to make you a drink tonight."  Homer sat in front of the television, a little smile, he was happy with himself..

The End

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