Back to the Drawing Board

Homer wanted Mildred gone but, he certainly didn't want to spend time behind bars, not for her.  There would have to be some research done, he had to do this right.  The encyclopedia sat next to their wedding picture.. Homer picked it up and stared at it.. God she had been beautiful.  A twinge of something but, he brushed the annoyance away.  Mildred had turned into a shrew.  She looked like a Harpy Eagle, she wasn't even a woman, couldn't have kids, she was despised in his eyes.

The computer yeilded much more info than the book. Curare.. that was some vicious nasty stuff, you could kill yourself just handling it.  He didn't know where to get something like that anyway.  He read about poisons, he would get caught if he used any of them, poison remained in the hair, sometimes it caused striations in the finger nails..

He saw it, he had to laugh, it was almost too simple, right up under his nose.  "Thank you Mildred for being the most unhealthiest woman in the world. "

The End

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