Mildred searches for a weapon

Disappointed with the lack of anything useful in the grocery store, Mildred placed her small bundle of groceries in the seat beside her, and started up the VW. Next stop, the hardware store, surely she could find something there to kill Homer.

Mildred parked in the huge, big box store's, parking lot. She lamented the passing of the small neighborhood hardware stores. The stores where clerks would point out poisons to use on various varmints. 

She wandered up and down the aisles of Home Depot, then spotted an overhead sign announcing Paints. There, she zeroed in on paint thinner, paint cleaner, color additives, hand cleaners, and the like. Nothing here; now off to the Lawn and Garden section. Lots of poisons here, but finding one that would dissolve or not stink was the problem. She spent so much time reading the labels, her legs were aching. She should have had those varicose veins removed, but Homer wouldn't spend the money on her.

She purchased some mole killer, just so she had something to show for her shopping. Once back in the car Mildred teared up. Why couldn't Homer have died off young, like his brother did. His brother was a nice man, that always complimented her on her looks. Mildred wiped her eyes. Only the good die young, she thought. 

The End

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