Inquiring Minds Want to Know

There was a roach running along the floor board of the bathroom.. He stuck his big toe in it trying to kill the pest,  and knocked the tip of it pretty good. Homer grabbed his foot.  If she wasn't so stupid, they wouldn't have roaches.  How many times had he told her to put the Roach Pruf in the cracks too.

He bent down and searched through the cans of cleanser, spackle, polish, decon..  He picked up the cans and read them.  Then he went to the kitchen and read the Roach Pruf, Raid and something that had no name except it had been marked {Rat Poison} in big red letters.  He opened it and smelled it,, good lord it reeked..  He wondered how it would taste in food.. Mildreds cat Mr. Whiskers, sat in the corner looking at him.  He hated that cat too, it sat there it's eyes accusing..  he looked up at the cat then down at the poison..  What the heck, it wasn't his and, it was useless...

Homer took out the can of [Kitty Kitchen Beef] poured it into the stupid beasts' bowl, opened the jar and poured some of the poison into the bowl with the food.. he mixed it up and set it down on the floor.

Mr. Whiskers licked his paws, groomed his back and his tail, (stupid cat).  He finally meandered up to the bowl smelled it, let out a screech and promptly ran away.

Homer stood there and tapped his foot, when the cat screeched he jumped.  He picked up the bowl and took a big snif.. it had smelled bad in the container but in the bowl, it brought tears to his eyes..  He dumped it in the disposal.. well, that wouldn't work..

The End

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