If She Only Knew

He watched Mildred sling the scarf around her scrawny neck, would be better if it had been his hands.  She continued to do things he didn't like, things she knew darn well he didn't like, the soft flakey cereal for instance.   She picked up the umbrella and headed towards the door, that aggravated the hell out of him.. "Mildred! what is the umbrella for, huh, there isn't a cloud in the sky!"  She turned towards him and just for one moment, just one, he thought, no, not Mildred, she's always been so docile and quiet but, that look.. "It's cold outside Homer."  He stared at her for a moment.  Ok, it was cold outside, what was the umbrella for?

How many years had they been together?  Enough to make him know how stupid she was.  He ran his fingers through his unkempt hair.  She had been something when they first met, yea a real beauty.  Now he couldn't stand the sight of her.  He didn't like her sparse grey hair, her little claw like fingers, the way her rings always slipped off cause she was too stupid to have them fitted, what a mess.

All of that was going to be taken care of soon, he didn't quite know how just yet but, he was working on it.  He stopped and looked at himself in the mirror, a little paunch but, not bad, his eyes still twinkled, he still had all his hair, all his teeth, he stared at the beard for a moment considering.. Hmmm he wondered if she would mind much if he just let it grow.  Thinking about her, made him smile.  She was a hot number, she wanted him and, there was only one thing standing in his way!

The End

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