It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Claire smirked, but didn't laugh, at his continual verbal stumbles. She'd come to expect them, even after their brief time together so far, and found them to be more endearing than anything. She knew what he meant even if he couldn't find the right words to express his sentiments. Starting to let him know it was quite all right, she understood him, she was interrupted by the music that now filled the room. Wasn't anything she was overly familiar with, though she knew her musical palette was limited primarily to classical. While not a bad thing, it did make her feel out of the circle now and then. Not that Mohinder seemed likely to make her feel excluded.

At the moment, he was too busy making her feel self-conscious, almost girlish, and she could feel a faint flush creeping to her cheeks. His touch did nothing to help that; she could've sworn her skin tingled where they'd brushed against it. She followed his instructions, however, looking left, right, and then into those gorgeous eyes again. Staring intently into them on the pretense of cooperating with the exam, Claire was surprised at the nuance of color there. His eyes were rather dark, but there were lighter bits scattered  around, and she was so fascinated with them that for a moment, she didn't realize he'd said anything. Upon catching herself, Claire gave her head a brief shake.

"It's that vanilla and musk I mentioned before," she explained, shrugging slightly. "I told you it was my scent." Clearing her throat in an attempt to quell the other things that threatened to leave her mouth at his proximity, she nodded to the tool in his hand. "What's this test for, then? How many do you think you'll have to do overall, for that matter? I'm simply curious...." And nervous...though she wouldn't share that just yet. While not afraid either of them would come to any harm, she'd only had a few medical examinations and wasn't quite sure about protocol. 

The End

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