It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Those averted eyes revealed quite a bit, and Claire found herself wondering about his romantic experiences, if only briefly. Was he this shy when it came to talking about all such encounters? Was it simply because of her? Or did he not know what to do with those sort of compliments in general? Being the sensual being that she usually was, Claire felt a mounting desire to find out from firsthand experience, to see just how much she could make him blush. It was a good sign, at least, that she was coming back to herself, rising out of the funk she’d been in for the last month or so. The thought of seeing his crestfallen face, however, lined with sadness, was enough to put a halt to those idle contemplations.

No, she was certain now: she wouldn’t do that to him. He had shown her kindness already, with no prompting, and she wouldn’t repay him with anything less than what he deserved. In this case, that was more than her body. She didn’t know how to get there, but Mohinder sounded more than willing to help her. It was both terrifying and exhilarating, and altogether unfamiliar territory. This…was going to be an interesting time together.

“I’ll do my best to ask rather than be embarrassingly obtuse,” she admitted, meeting his eyes only briefly, though that faint smile was back. Claire didn’t like admitting shortcomings, especially when everyone else in the world seemed capable of forming friends from the time they could talk. Certainly, Claire could use people, bend them to her will, but she’d never had to maintain a relationship with anyone aside from her brother. That forgetful comment though, the way his hand felt over hers…it was incentive enough to cement her resolve to try her hardest with him.

She smiled and let out something of a stifled giggle as he admitted she was distracting. Claire hadn’t noticed her heart beat, if she was honest; she’d been too distracted herself, between the sudden hug and unexpected understanding. Feeling both curious and brave, Claire tentatively reached out one hand and placed it in the middle of his chest, right over his heart. “It is beating rather quickly,” she confirmed, eyes finally meeting his. Claire held his gaze for a few moments longer, silence pooling between them, before realizing this might fit into the category of ‘inappropriate.’ It was only with great hesitance that she withdrew her hand from the warmth of his chest, setting it once again in her lap.

“My apologies…this will take some getting used to. I don’t mean to interrupt your tasks. Continue, please,” she said, nodding absently at his equipment.

The End

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