It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

The way she stilled at the hug was very telling and Mohinder found himself suppressing a frown at the theories his limited psychological knowledge came up with in that moment. Now it was even more crucial that he cured her, and he mentally vowed to himself that he would never give up on the task. When she finally returned the embrace, he gained hope that perhaps this wouldn’t be as tough as he first thought.

As she appeared to be dwelling on his words, the aura of the room felt calming now instead of filled with tension like a few moments ago. Perhaps the truth really did set one free? Her faint grin was adorable, but he’d never seen her speechless like this before, but that reaction probably went along with the frozen hug. Had no one ever been honestly sweet and understanding to her before? Well, Mohinder would fix that.

He listened carefully and curiously as she continued, brows raising and falling subtly at her honesty. Her entire being… It’d been a long time since he’d made a woman aware of her entire being, and the compliment caught him off guard, causing his cheeks to redden and his eyes to avert to the side. Of course he wanted to press his lips to hers that moment, but they’d just gotten over one roller coaster of emotion. Save some for later.

“It would be my pleasure to work on it together with you. Whatever you need, I’ll provide. If you ever have any questions or uncertainties about anything, please ask.” With that, he took a step back and rubbed at the top of her hand before reaching over for his equipment. “Um, I’m afraid I can’t recall what I was about to do.” Oh yeah, her heartbeat.

As he situated his stethoscope at his ears, he gave her a playful smirk. “I shall give you one thing - you’re very distracting. I like it.” After a quick breath on the metal, he held it to her skin. “Your heart is beating so fast,” was said in a whisper as he glanced into her eyes. “Mine is too.”

The End

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