It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Confused was an understatement. Mohinder froze as her laughter filled the room, his mind working full time to figure out the meaning of it. She’d been so sweet, so it would have been out of character for her to turn cruel all of a sudden. Weirder things had happened before though. His face remained blank as he returned to his food. Perhaps carbs would help to make the situation make sense.

Woo her? Was he wooing and didn’t realize it? Neither the food or her words helped to clear up the situation though, and only caused more questions to pop up. "Ah, teasing. Sorry, I um…” am an idiot that wears my heart on my sleeve. “I suppose I’m just exhausted from cooking and didn’t catch that,” he finished with a forced, quiet laugh. She didn’t want him that way? So that was why she was laughing? Of course. Hopefully the cold milk would help the lump in his throat as he thought about this, and he sipped it slowly so not to choke.

His other hand went for more toppings. Death by chocolate sounded pretty damn good right about now and soon the crepes were covered in chocolate chips and fudge. It was only a drunken kiss to her apparently? Maybe she thought she was obligated to? “I’m also sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have consumed so much alcohol. Anyway, after breakfast, we’ll get started on the tests if you like. I’m sure you want your regular life back as soon as possible.” Eyes remained focused on his food as he continued to mentally kick himself for even entertaining the idea that a woman like her would be interested in him. No more alcohol for a long time, that was for sure.

After they finished eating, Mohinder would lead her to the lab and begin taking her vitals and all the mundane small tests that be probably didn’t need to do, but did so anyway just as a precaution since he didn’t have access to her past medical records. During all this, he would try to remain as professional as possible, even putting on his white lab coat. For the moment, he would push all feelings aside to concentrate at the task at hand. Still, he would remain as gentle as possible. As his mind seemed miles away and the stethoscope rested on her chest, it was quiet enough for her to hear a pin drop.

The End

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