It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Shoulders relaxed when she gave her approval of the food. Mohinder hadn’t had time to taste test that batch yet, but luckily practice made perfect, unless she was just being polite. He’d find out in a minute once he tried his own plate though. As she made her way over, he pulled out her chair for her and ensured she was comfortable before sitting down on the stool next to her. As he took a bite of his own food, he realized she was telling the truth after all and grinned to himself at a job well done. Operation Crepes was a success.

With the stress of cooking a new recipe out of the way, now came the tough part - trying to figure out how slow or fast she wanted the relationship to go. Mohinder didn’t mind either way, so he would follow her lead from now on. He was just happy that this wonderful woman had returned his feelings. Even though it might have happened a bit fast, the past had taught him that sometimes one didn’t have time to waste.

As she went for her favorite toppings, he grinned, glad that she seemed to honestly love this new dish he’d learned for her. “Oh, it was no trouble.” He shook his head while adding on his own toppings to his crepes. “But you are wrong on one account - you are special. Figuratively and literally.” Had no one ever said such nice things to her, he wondered. Against his better judgement, he continued, “If anything, you’re special to me. Even after I help you, you will remain extraordinary to me.”

Then his hand went to softly pat the top of hers. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what has come over me. I didn’t mean to get so sappy during breakfast,” he finished with a light laugh before eyes went back to his plate. He’d just told himself he was going to allow her to lead the relationship and he was already losing that battle. Maybe it was because he’d learned from the past and he didn’t want to repeat those mistakes. Maybe had he been sweeter to Maya sooner and opened up his heart to her fully, she wouldn’t have left him like she had.

The End

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