It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Once Mohinder heard her voice over the sizzle of the food, head snapped up and a big smile instantly greeted her. “Good morning to you as well.” She looked adorable in that oversized sweater and messy hairdo. Oh, she must have been very comfortable around him already to allow him to see her like this. That assumption caused him to grin wider as he finished the last batch of crepes and gently placed them on a plate for her. To his surprise, they appeared perfect. So now it was time for toppings and fruits. Since he wasn’t sure which ones she liked best, he had all the bases covered and set them out on the counter in front of her.

“I hope it is all to your liking. I’ve made French toast and crepes for you.” By now, with how delicious the dish looked, he couldn’t contain himself and cut a bite for her before lifting the fork up near her mouth. “I’ve been practicing all morning to perfect it. Please… go right ahead. I also went to the store and bought every kind of topping that you might like. I found I prefer chocolate.” Oops, he’d forgotten to hide the plates of failed crepes! Maybe she wouldn’t notice.

As he attempted to feed her, he did not feel nervous about getting so close. In fact, as he stood there, he allowed one arm to rest on the counter top beside her while this lower body lightly brushed against hers. The smile never left his lips as he watched her, hoping she enjoyed what he’d learned to make for her. That kiss last night was the beginning of something magical, he thought, and right now he wanted to relax near her… wanted to share his love of cooking with her… wanted to give her another kiss, at least on the cheek. But right now, first, the taste test!

The End

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