It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Hopefully the alcohol wasn’t causing him to hear things, because when she admitted the kiss was special to her as well, Mohinder’s heart skipped a beat. So it wasn’t just wishful thinking; she felt it too. Was his luck finally turning around? After all he’d been through, could she be his salvation? Well, the sake certainly was making this dramatic and epic inside his head, that was for sure. It was a challenge to push back those thoughts and focus on the moment at hand without going overboard.

As she removed her hand, Mohinder mentally frowned at the loss of warmth, but understood. Or thought he did, taking the gesture as either one of shyness or of restraint. It was for the best for now, especially with them both tipsy. A sweet smile formed when she mentioned she felt something as well, and if Mohinder wasn’t already on cloud nine, he definitely was after that. "Yes, I agree. Time for sleep. And thank you for joining me. Even with the rogue pepper incident, it was amazing.”

Continuing to smile like a love-sick puppy, he watched as she made her way to her room just in case she wobbled over. After hearing the door shut, Mohinder released a breath that he hadn’t known he was holding and flopped back against the couch. What a night. After a few moments, he dozed off right there in that spot. Who knew dating could take so much out of you?


Although he attempted to keep the noise from the kitchen under wraps, there were some bangs, clangs, and under breath curses every now and then as he tried out a few new breakfast recipes… French breakfast recipes. The French toast was turning out alright, but the crepes were either too soggy or too dry, so he had to start over several times. Not one to throw away food, he’d been eating on the failed experiments to keep his stomach from growling. Hopefully he would succeed in making the perfect crepes before she woke up and came to investigate. At least the aroma gave the impression that he knew how to make French cuisine, at least to him.

The End

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