It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

She heard him speaking, quite surprising amount of words given the fact that she herself was a little breathless, but it took her a few heartbeats to register what he’d said. “I…” she began with a pause more full of laughter than hesitation, “…it’s a different kind of kiss for me too,” she admitted. Usually they end in someone’s death. Claire usually only felt her blood racing like this when she was on the hunt, or…no….no, she would not compare a kiss to the kill. She would not allow that association to thrive, not with this man. She couldn’t face that every day, even if this was the only kiss they ever shared.

But her mood was immediately dampened regardless. He didn’t deserve her brand of crazy, this wasn’t right. Many would say she was without a conscience, but she had enough of one to feel guilty for even thinking it would be fair to Mohinder to tie herself to him. She retracted her hand and tucked it under her leg, teetering on the edge of the couch like a cat ready to flee. He didn’t deserve her crazy, but he didn’t deserve her running off without an answer either, not when he hadn’t done anything wrong. There simply was no good way to do this. Even while not entirely sober, she knew that to be true.

“There is…I feel something too,” Claire said after a brief silence, letting out a long breath. “But now is the time for sleep, so…I will leave you. And thank you for dinner, it really was lovely.” She smiled, sliding off the couch in a somewhat less-than-graceful nature to retreat to the room he’d so generously given her for the duration of her stay. Claire didn’t look back, but she did shake her head at her own folly. How could she ever even begin to think of attaching herself to anyone? Especially someone good, even if it was only idle rumination? It was ridiculous.

Claire stripped quickly and changed into her pajamas, not even bothering to put the dirties aside. She’d never been the one to regret such an action before, but as she pulled back the covers and curled up on her side, her heart felt leaden. It was a long time before she actually fell asleep. 

The End

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