It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

At her confidence that anything he’d cook would turn out delicious, he nodded and smiled sweetly. With that said, now he definitely couldn’t mess up any dishes for her. For what he didn’t know, Google hadn’t failed him yet, so he wasn’t too worried about it. When she mentioned baking was like chemistry, ears perked up. "I hadn’t thought of it like that. You may definitely count me in for your baking lessons.”

Although he probably shouldn’t have, he found himself helping her finish off the first bottle of sake as they ate their food. Just a bit more wouldn’t hurt. Plus, he rarely did something like this, allowing his walls to come down. For some reason, even if he had said something dorky or nerdy, he felt she wouldn’t mind. The second bottle was taken with them as she suggested, and he might have almost stumbled a few times getting to the car. The ground seemed closer than normal, hmm.

Luckily the streets were deserted and Mohinder still had most of his motor skills intact as he attempted not to get distracted by her sparkling smile. Slowly, it began to dawn on him that he was taking her back to his place… after a date. Well that was where she was staying while he helped her out… but still, was there an American/French tradition that she might have expected?

As they made their way up, Mohinder searched the virtual filing cabinet in his head for the answer to that. There was only one thing that he could come up with - a kiss. She might have been expecting one, and that was fine with him. Normally he would have been worried, but not at the moment, being ten foot tall and tranquilizer-proof. After locking the door behind them, he gave a drunken smirk her way and replied without thinking, “Have I mentioned I love you being in my apartment?” Well it was true.

After avoiding several trip ups along the way, he made it to the couch without incident and sat down closely beside her. Head lying back on the couch, he turned his neck to look at her for a long moment as his expression softened. “I suppose this is the part where a kiss is expected, yes? I’d like that very much… if you’d like that as well?” And there it was - no games, just honesty. A quiet swallow could be heard as he remained perfectly still and awaited her reaction.

The End

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