It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Her answer caused his mind to wander as he thought of all the dishes he could prepare for her over the next few weeks. It’d been quite awhile since he’d had a reason to do more in his kitchen than cook a meal or so a week, so he might have been a little out of practice. “Excellent. In that case, I have quite a few surprises for you over the next few weeks. Indian is my specialty, of course, but I also try my hand at Italian every now and then, if that’s what you mean by savory?” Speaking of savory, for a moment, Mohinder found himself captivated by her shoulders and neck, but quickly averted those thoughts back to food.

“As for sweets, um,” he paused with a shy grin before finally admitting, “I can bake a cake, but anything else crumbles or doesn’t taste very well after I’m finished making it. Perhaps you can help me in that department sometime? …If anyone has the sweet part down perfectly, it would be you.” Oh gods, was that corny? With the alcohol impairing his judgment, he couldn’t quite tell. It kind of just slipped out there before he could stop it.

Eventually the waitress returned with his replacement dish and a complimentary bottle of the same sake they’d been drinking. “Again, I’m so sorry for the mix up, sir. Please accept this bottle and both yours and your wife’s meals on the house as an apology. If you need anything else, please let me know.” With that, she bowed and went back to her station.

Although his brows were almost touching his curls after that, no, Mohinder hadn’t corrected the waitress. It didn’t matter, and he kind of liked the assumption. Plus, nearby customers were looking and smiling thoughtfully at both of them. Not only that, but he was certain he’d heard one of them whisper that Mohinder and Claire had made a gorgeous couple. It was enough to cause him to blush, but he remained quiet about it and waited to see Claire’s reaction. Maybe she hadn’t heard what the others were saying? It was true though - Brad and Angelina had nothing on them.

The End

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