It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Claire managed to restrain her laughter in face of his admittance, grabbing the bread to soothe his throat. After all, he owned up to his weakness. She was glad he could admit to his embarrassment; she’d spent too much time around William to enjoy those who tried to ‘be macho about it’ all the time. Though she knew it was a mask with her brother most of the time, it was simply annoying in most others. Claire was sure she did it herself, but that was another story….

Smiling at the waitress as she came back, she quickly scribbled a note on her napkin, a request for another bottle of sake when they left, and slipped it to her as she left. Not sure if she’d want it later in the evening, later in the week, or simply for herself, Claire wanted to bet on the safe side. It was a delicious bottle, after all, and she’d be sad if it was the last one she’d taste. Mohinder hadn’t been wrong in recommending this restaurant.

“That’s probably a good line to draw,” she chuckled, hands wrapping around her glass of water, mind still happily hazy. “I enjoy a variety of flavors, spicy among them…” She tilted her head at him thoughtfully, and briefly bit her lower lip. Perhaps the heat wasn’t coming from him after all, but was merely the alcohol undoubtedly working in her veins. Or perhaps simply her food, if they’d accidentally over spiced it as well. Any of these things was possible, but if she was honest with herself, Claire really didn’t care what the source was. This was the first time in a long time that she felt she had an actual relationship with someone that wasn’t her brother. It was too early to say what that might be, but the kinship was undeniable. Maybe it was simply meeting another person like herself, one she hadn’t been sent to kill. No, no…it was more than that. Mohinder was kind, she could see that in those big brown eyes of his. Hear it in his words. Kind…that was a new concept to her.

Shaking her head to clear it of such sentimental wanderings, she noticed where he’d left his arm so nonchalantly, and grinned, pretending not to see it as she took another bite of her dinner. “Mostly I enjoy savory foods, though,” Claire continued, “and occasionally something…sweet. Ice cream, tortes, petit fours…something of that nature.” It wasn’t often that she had such a craving, but when she did, it was undeniably strong.

The End

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