It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Overcoming the brief shyness she experienced at his compliment, she grinned subtlely as Mohinder considered her food and chose a few pieces for himself. It was…normal. This whole thing was normal. Claire hadn’t experienced that particular variety of life in far too long, and she was almost more grateful to Mohinder for that than anything else so far. They’d had a few little moments like that, now that she really thought about it. She could get used to that. Her expression softened, and though she wasn’t close enough to him to brush up against him, Claire could feel the heat coming from his body. It seemed he was the sort who ran warm, which was a pleasant contrast to the fact that she always had cold hands and feet.

“That sounds like as good a plan as any,” she replied with a nod. “And of course I love waffles. Anyone in their right mind loves waffles.” Claire scoffed as though that were pure fact rather than opinion and, taking a sip of her water, shook her head and quietly muttered ’Heathens, not liking waffles…’

Turning back to her food, she took a bite and glanced up briefly at Mohinder while she chewed. It took her a moment to realize what had happened with his own bite; those widened eyes didn’t have anything to do with her foot, it was too delayed for that. Glancing down to his plate, she caught sight of a pepper and recognized it as one of the spicy varieties from long years tending her gardens. (Not all the plants she kept were poisonous, after all.) Years of observing others had given her a keen eye for things people often thought they weren’t showing.

“Water is only going to spread that around, you know,” she said with a hint of a smile, pushing the remaining breadsticks toward him. “Bread will absorb the oil and kill that burning.” Claire tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the amusement off her face, but she did manage to only chuckle instead of laugh at his expense. An Indian who couldn’t handle spicy food? The irony was too rich. She wondered what sort of spices he must keep in his cupboard, in that case.

The End

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