It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Taking another bite of her food, she couldn’t help but grin at the hitch in Mohinder’s voice as he said ‘body chemistry.’ His apparent innocence was almost too much for her to handle without wanting to pinch his cheeks, and she had to remind herself that he was a highly intelligent scientist here to solve her little problem, not another of her toys around simply for entertainment. Though, really, he was quite good at the latter so far.

She was grateful for the amount of self-control she retained despite the sake, however, as he continued talking. His word choice made it almost too easy. Lab partner, teacher…Oh, the things she could teach him… “I’m sure we’ll have some memorable times,” she responded with a smile, biting her lip to prevent herself from saying anything further. She was tempted to ask for another bottle of sake to bring back with them if it was this fun already. Claire herself had no qualms about such…mindless…adventures, but she had a feeling Mohinder was less carefree than she was in that regard, and there was no telling what would happen after he made her ability vanish. No, best to let him lead this dance.

The next step in their little tango was apparently to get closer, and as he moved over, Claire’s smile widened. A date, then….hm. Her gaze looking down to the proffered spring rolls, she contemplated them for a moment. Food sharing was something she was particular about, something usually reserved for those she felt comfortable with…which was really only William, when she thought about it. No one else had been around long enough to become a member of that little group. Then again, this man already knew her big, dark secret. Shrugging, she picked up one of the rolls with her chopsticks and deposited it on her plate.

“Once they’ve cooled, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Would you like any of mine?” Claire nudged her plate a little closer, crossing her legs at the same time to 'accidentally’ brush her foot against his leg. At which time, of course, he chose to be sweet. 

“Brave…” she repeated, blinking, as though unsure of the sound on her tongue. Ignoring the tingle that went up her arms as Mohinder patted her hand, she shrugged again. “I suppose so. And it might just be best to get them out of the way before I lose such bravery.” Her smile was self-deprecating now, and she turned her attention back to her food, unsure of what to do in the face of his kindness.

The End

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