It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

You’re pleasing to another sense…she thought, her grin turning inward as she resisted the urge to bite her lip at him. "It really is an art form, I’m glad you see it that way. Not many people realize what actually goes into making perfume.“ Warming to the subject, she took another sip of water and leaned in. "You have to consider the fact that each scent will smell different depending on who is wearing it, too. Body chemistry and all that…” The phrasing hadn’t been intentionally suggestive, but she ran with it and gave him a hint of a smirk.

“For instance, vanilla and musk work well with my chemistry. Floral scents do not, so I don’t wear them. I wonder….what you would smell good in. Maybe that leather, eh?” She waved the idea away, “We can figure that out later, chere. We can get a few of my extracts and have a fun afternoon.” She could just imagine them together, crouched over beakers and pretty glass bottles, trying to put together something that made him smell as good as he looked. Though that may just have been the sake…

He seemed the anxious sort: list fidgeting and such, but he graciously accepted her compliment. Many people weren’t comfortable with being praised, she’d noted, and he at least took this one well. It was encouraging. "I quite concur,“ she said with a wide grin. She’d had that feeling since they met and it got stronger with every new thing she learned; from what she could tell, the feeling was mutual. It was hard to believe that she’d actually been afraid of meeting the man after hearing about him, thinking he might not agree to take her case, or that it would be a distant, medicinal affair. Appointments, treatments, and sent back home with a note to take two and call him in the morning. This…this was so much more than she had hoped for, in ways she hadn’t expected.

Mohinder managed to surprise her yet again by actually agreeing rather than looking like a deer in the headlights or tripping over his own words again, as he seemed prone to doing. But she couldn’t honestly say she minded, not with him being so sweet about it, being honored by it. Gentlemen were rare these days. "You’re the doctor who can cure unwanted abilities, but I’m the remarkable one,” she scoffed, being one of those people who couldn’t take compliments. “And we can call it whatever you like,” Claire added, making eye contact this time, “all I know is I’m enjoying myself.” You could almost see teeth in her smile now.

The End

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