It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

This woman could challenge him, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t admire and enjoy that aspect of her. Mohinder would allow her to teach him Mario Kart, botany, and any subject under the sun any day. Not to mention, her laugh was music to his ears. “Yes, I would enjoy that. And no worries. Although it’s usually considered science, I also see it as art, especially the mixing of scents. Instead of the eyes, it is pleasing to another sense.”

Her laughing caused him to pause and have a very brief anxiety attack, thinking he’d done or said something unintentionally amusing. Which he had, but after she had explained, he let out a silent sigh of relief and laughed as well. So, it was a good thing. Not just good, butendearing? That compliment caused him to mimic her smile as metaphorical butterflies danced in his stomach. Mohinder couldn’t remember the last time that’d happened. “Thank you,” he said quietly, not exactly sure how to react to this long forgotten feeling.

As she answered his question, Mohinder began to wonder if karma was finally shining down on him for all the good he’d done with helping the specials. Seriously, fantasy, science fiction, and animated movies. Mohinder had never admitted to watching animated films, but there was something about them that gave him hope. Perhaps he’d reveal this fact to her later and they could watch Lilo and Stitch together? “I’ve not watched many period pieces, but fantasy and science fiction are my favorites. I believe you and me are going to get along splendidly.” They already were.

If it wasn’t for the slightly tipsy feeling and the pleasant sound of her giggling, he might have choked on his food at the word date. “Oh, my.” Hearing her words and watching her carefully, she didn’t seem opposed to the idea. With the alcohol pushing him forward, he smirked and nodded. “We certainly can call it that, if you wish? I um, I find you remarkable.” And beautiful and captivating. “It would be an honor to consider this a date.” Oh gods, what did he just say? Suddenly the room was like an oven and he had to set down his fork to take off his jacket. Too late to take it back now though. With a shaky hand, he attempted to tame his curls, pretending to play it cool as he waited for her reaction.

The End

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