It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Mohinder’s enthusiasm was simply darling and his volume surprised her; she clapped a hand over her mouth to avoid adding to it with her own laugh. "I could certainly teach you about botany, if you’d like. I’m sure we’ll have some down time in between me teaching you about Mario Kart,” she teased, competitive streak rearing its head for a moment. What was a victory without a bit of smack talk? She had a feeling he’d take playfully, as she’d meant it.

She honestly hadn’t expected him to lean in to smell the perfume. Should have, but didn’t, and she was taken aback to the point of unintentionally stiffening while he took in her scent. Though she’d been able to largely bypass his other slip ups, Claire blushed at this one. Perhaps she was feeling a bit of the sake herself? Or perhaps it was merely his proximity and the unexpected tingling sensation that brought? Two of the small cups would be plenty for now, she decided, clearing her throat. “Thank you, Mohinder. About the perfume, I mean. I’m glad someone else likes what I make.” Reaching for her own glass of water, she took a big sip, glad for the excuse to do something with her hands other than fiddle with her hair, now that she was feeling somewhat self-conscious.

That feeling was eliminated, however, as Mohinder stumbled yet again in referring to his bedroom. It was simply too cute, and instead of smiling, Claire actually laughed. Wanting him to know she wasn’t laughing at his expense but rather out of amusement, she held a hand out and shook her head. “No, no need to be sorry. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. You’re fine, I promise, it’s just…well,” she paused, tilting her head. Yes, you should’ve cut back on the sake too… “Well, you’re rather funny. I don’t think you mean to be, but that’s what makes it so endearing.” A little grin lit up her features, right to her eyes, and just as she realized she was beginning to cross that line again, their waiter returned, food in hand.

She considered the question for a moment as she chewed. “I’ve always been partial to fantasy and science fiction, though a good period piece will always win me over. Even an animated film, now and then, if I want something light-hearted.” It would perhaps sound childish of her, but there was something about a well-executed animated film that she’d always liked. There were no good memories for them to bring back, but she felt…happy when watching one.

Shoving dark thoughts aside, she continued. “Though I think that’s a ‘date tradition,’ more than an American one,” she giggled. “Are you taking me on a date, you clever doctor, you?” Her grin was a coy one as seriousness seemed to have downed itself in sweet rice wine.

The End

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