It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Just as thoughts went to ponder another glass of the sake, her words snapped him out of it. “Oh yes, of course - green tea. I’ll order some of that as well once the waiter returns.” What was he even thinking? Just because he was nervous didn’t mean that getting tipsy was a wise idea. Really, she was still a stranger for the most part. Getting drunk around her, no telling what could happen; she could totally take advantage of him or something… At that thought, a blush sneaked across his cheeks before he could catch himself.

Yes, he'd definitely consumed enough alcohol for the evening.

“Botany!” he said a little louder than he’d meant to. “I mean, botany. Fascinating. The most experience I have with plants is my herb garden, so you could definitely teach me things… about plants,” he added redundantly, his mind still threatening to wander over into unprofessional territory. That was the downside to being tipsy - lowered inhibitions. Speaking of, he was tempted to lean over to sniff at her neck to sample her homemade perfume, but he knew he shouldn’t, not knowing how far along the alcohol was at affecting him. Alcohol plus nervousness was not the best combo for Mohinder.

But his scientific curiosity and the fact he loved the smell of vanilla won in the end. One little inhale wouldn’t hurt anything though, right? “Abelmoschus moschatus,” he repeated slowly as he leaned in, nose a few inches from her neck. “That is simply intoxicating. And I’m not just saying that; you really are a feast for the senses… I mean, um, the perfume is a feast for my nose, yes.” Almost made it through that without incident. Almost.

With a shy smile, his back returned to the plush of his chair, hand almost going to the sake but choosing the water instead, even though it was probably too late by now. His head felt light and he had a very relaxed yet happy expression on his face. “Perhaps one day we could make a cologne together. You could show me the procedure. I like leather-Um, you know, the leathery scent. Leather and wood.” Oh gods, anything he said right now sounded wrong in his head. “Sorry. My mind is a bit foggy at the moment. I’ll just have to show you when we’re in my bedroom… because that’s where I keep my cologne.” Okay, time to stop talking. Up went the water glass again, raised to his lips where he sipped and mentally slapped himself for rambling.

Luckily for Mohinder, the waiter soon arrived with their dishes and took the green tea order as well. At least there was food to occupy his mouth now; the taste of foot was getting stale. Between bites, he managed to make some innocent small talk though. “Is there a certain genre of movies you care for? Americans have this tradition - dinner and a movie - so I suppose we could do that afterwards, if you wish?” Logically, it had made sense because after eating it was best to remain still and allow one’s food to settle.

The End

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