It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

As she spoke, Mohinder nodded along, mentally taking notes so he did not do anything to disturb her sleep or lack thereof. Before, he wasn’t much of a television person either, but now that things had died down, well, it helped with the boredom. Going from almost being killed, being killed, being resurrected, being chased, being shot by a swat team, to now -normal life - was something he was still getting used to. At least he had his work to look forward to. And work was very rewarding at the moment as he gave her his most sincere smile.

It was at the word lab that his eyes widened slightly and that smile turned into a subtle lip bite. She had her own lab? Had she mentioned that before? Surely he would have remembered that? The questions to ask her began lining up, threatening to escape him at any second. Knowing himself, he knew this would not be the best idea. Such enthusiasm would probably lead to messiness. Right now, he had to play it cool.

And cool was not sipping on sake, apparently. After a slight nod, he copied her, taking it all down in one go and trying his hardest not to make a face at how strong it was. “Ah, I see. Thank you. I usually have green tea with such food, so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance,” he apologized with a quiet, embarrassed laugh. Underneath the table, his foot accidentally tapped hers as he fidgeted. “Oops. Oh, yes, your questions. Well, as for you being a light sleeper, I assure you I will not disturb you during the night.” Although, he wasn’t entirely sure if he snored or not, but she shouldn’t be able to hear that from her room, right? “And if you wish, you may borrow my lab when you can’t sleep.” Had he just offered someone the reins of his lab? Oh the sake must have already been at work.

“About myself though…” Really, eccentricity might as well have been Mohinder’s middle name. Dark eyes watched her hands as she ate, mesmerized in thought. “I um, I cannot think of anything at the moment.” I used to be able to climb walls and weave cocoons. She didn’t need to know about the past, no. “Well, there is one thing, but it shouldn’t be within earshot of your room - I’ve been told I talk in my sleep.” At that, he shrugged it off as no big deal before instinctively pouring himself another cup and swallowing it down. “This sake stuff is quite lovely.”

With a lean forward as if he was about to share a secret, he grinned and caught her eyes with his own that were now glistening. “Now, please, I beg of you, tell me all about your lab and what sort of things you get up to in there?” The tone was husky and almost caused his innocent question to seem taboo, explicit, or even downright naughty. But no, he was genuinely curious; there were no innuendos here yet. Although, the fact that she had a laboratory of her own caused her to become even more appealing in Mohinder’s eyes.

The End

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