It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

If Mohinder hadn’t seen how luxurious her apartment and lingerie was earlier, he would have attempted to convince her to allow him to pay for even the alcohol, but she seemed pretty well off. Although he didn’t know any name brands offhand, he could recognize quality when he saw it. And there was definitely something about her that screamed quality. So instead of insisting on paying for everything, he nodded, agreeing with her idea.

And thank the gods that Mohinder could not read minds, otherwise Claire would have caused him to die of embarrassment and hide under the table right then and there. He really had no idea what was in store for him, did he? On the other hand, he had slight trouble focusing as well. Hopefully she didn’t catch the gazes of admiration here and there that he kept accidentally giving to her as if in a trance. At least he was getting better about catching himself and putting a stop to it. Mohinder had always been one to easily fall for another, but the fact that they were both evolved humans made that fall much easier, it seemed. Not that he’d admit any of that at this time. She was beautiful and sweet and that was all there was to it, he told himself.

After giving the waiter his order as well along with the menu, his attention returned to Claire and he thought for a second at her question. Had he? If he had had sake, he couldn’t remember at the moment. “Not that I remember, no. But I do like sweet things…” There went that gaze again. “…like plums.” And beautiful blondes. Now it was his turn to sip at his water and try not to choke on a bread stick, nibbling it like a rabbit in his nervousness as he thought about what to talk about next. “I cannot wait to try it.” Hopefully it would take the edge off. Unknown to him, a strong drink like that would take more than the edge off.

Although he wanted to ask about her ability and her past experiences with it, this particular power wasn’t the best one to bring up at the dinner table. Not to mention, if there had ever been any accidents, she would probably not want to relive those memories. So instead, Mohinder went for a lighter subject. “Please, tell me what it will be like living with you? Is there anything I need to know about such as sleepwalking or talking in your sleep or anything that would have me waking up to assume that the zombie apocalypse was upon us?” That sounded better in his head. “Also, do not worry - I’m not greedy with the remote control. You may have your way with anything in my home.” That came out weird. “I mean, my home is your home.”

Rambling… Was he beginning to ramble? Just in case, he quieted a moment to allow her to answer while he gently pushed the dip for the bread sticks over to her. Eventually the waiter arrived with the sake, giving Mohinder something else to focus on for a minute. Eyes widened at the first sip. It was delicious but strong. Interesting. Then he found himself sipping here and there - more than usual - as listened to her. Yes, this stuff would definitely do the trick.

The End

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