It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Claire smiled as Mohinder opened the car door for her; it was a cute, gentlemanly gesture and she appreciated it. She was more than capable of doing it for herself, but it was nice to know that there were still people raised with manners. “Appetite indeed,” she chuckled, peering at the GPS screen as he pointed out the restaurant. Not far at all, it seemed, and there wasn’t even really time for conversation before they were there. He even opened the restaurant door for her as they went inside. And they said chivalry was dead…

Taking her seat and the offered menu, she looked it over, happily surprised to see there were no pictures and that the descriptions were in both Chinese and English. A nicer restaurant indeed. Flipping to the vegetarian section, she looked over the edge of the menu to Mohinder as he spoke. “Well, there’s really only one wine that goes with Asian food,” she said with a teasing chuckle, flipping to the back side of the menu to check their wine list. Indeed, the one she was after was at the top of the list: plum sake. Not only did it mesh well with almost every Chinese dish, but it was tasty besides. “How about I pay for the delicious alcohol, and you get the food? It’s only fair, after all.” Winking and not really waiting for an answer, Claire went back to her menu, making a few indecisive faces as she perused the offerings. 

She opened her mouth to comment on his selection when he mentioned ‘he liked it a little spicy,’ Especially with that delightful accent of his…Her immediate reaction was to make a sexually ambiguous comment, but she bit her tongue and held it back. It wasn’t exactly appropriate given the nature of their tentative relationship, and she cleared her throat, letting his choice of food go uncommented on. And then he spoke again. Unable to stop her eyes from going wide as he asked if she saw anything to her fancy,Claire reached quickly for here glass of water.

There’s some Indian on the menu that looks absolutely scrumptious…

I’d fancy a bite of you….

I’m sure we could strike up something worthwhile…

She ran through the innuendos in her head as she took a drink so she wouldn’t say them aloud and make everything completely awkward. Despite the subtext of things they’d both said and done–most of which she was still unsure about, as far as Mohinder went–Claire didn’t want to turn this into full out flirting. Well, she did, but she couldn’t. At least that was what she told herself. You can’t sleep with the man who’s going to take away your curse on the first night, can you? She had no answer for her own question so she pushed it aside. Perhaps if she didn’t think about it, it would go away. Yes. Ignoring things often lead to their decay. “Their vegetarian menu is rather extensive. It all looks good,” she made herself say calmly after a few moments, managing to return his innocent smile with one of her own. Before she managed to give herself away further, the waiter returned, and she almost let out an audible sigh of relief.

When the waiter came to Claire, she flashed him a charming grin. "Chili stir-fried potatoes, with a side of tomatoes and eggs. Oh! And a bottle of plum sake, please. With the carafe and warmer, if you’d be so kind.“ She folded the menu back up and placed it in the man’s waiting hand, feeling her composure slide back into place. "Have you ever had sake, Mohinder?” she asked as the waiter retreated, their order in hand.

“Plum is a little sweeter, though no less potent.”

The End

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