It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

At her playful words, Mohinder laughed under his breath. “Thank you. And it will be an honor to be seen with you.” He wouldn’t have blamed her if she wasn’t kidding though as he would be the first to admit he’d let himself go a little after all the excitement had died down about the carnival and all. But now with having a new roommate, he had a reason to straighten up, not only himself, but the apartment as well. No more leaving baskets of clothing around and dishes in the sink.

Mohinder definitely could get used to her accent and the foreign words she peppered in here and there; it was refreshing. Without incident, they made it to the car and he opened her door for her before getting into the driver’s seat. At her question, he nodded and turned on the GPS so she could see exactly where. “Just a couple blocks… Right there,” he pointed to a dot on the screen. “Luckily, cart racing can build up quite an appetite,” he joked although it was partially true for him, being nervous the whole time not only because she was a stranger, but because she was a beautiful stranger.

Once there, he walked over to her side to open her door for her and help her out if she needed it. He could only imagine how tough those heels were to walk in; how did women do that? It defied science almost. After opening the restaurant door as well for her, they were led to a quiet table in the corner. Good. This way if they spoke of abilities and such, others wouldn’t overhear. That was the last thing they needed.

After the waiter had left them with their menus, he smiled up shyly at her from behind the paper. “Please, order whatever you wish - my treat. I was thinking of ordering some wine, if you’d like to pick it out?” Truth be told, Mohinder didn’t know much about wine except which color went with which dish when preparing a meal, so he was more than happy for her to choose. Hopefully the alcohol would help him to relax. He just had to be careful and not drink too much though. Mohinder was a silly, playful drunk, but still, that was a side he didn’t want to reveal to her. At least, not yet.

As he glanced over the menu, he was more than glad the waiter had left ice water there as the coolness of it helped him to concentrate as he sipped from the glass. “It all looks delicious. I suppose I’ll order the General Tso chicken. I like it a little spicy.” Usually the Sesame Chicken had no heat but the Tso had just the right amount, even though the menu would give a disclaimer of how hot it was, just like this one did. He paid no mind to that. Perhaps this dish wasn’t the best right now though, as the last thing he needed was heat. Ah well. “See anything that strikes your fancy?” Glancing back up to her, he gave another bright smile, more than grateful for her company.

The End

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