It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

It wasn’t until she paused at the end of the hall that she realized the door to the room Mohinder had gone into was ajar. Curiosity sparked, she backtracked and; smirked wickedly, leaning against the wall directly opposite the gap. Claire peered unashamedly through to observe him in surprisingly sexy boxers. For a man who answered the door in his pajamas, he’d taken particular care choosing his undergarments. She tilted her head to take him all in, making a quiet but appreciative noise of appraisal. He might clean up well in the end, but the whole ‘no clothes’ look suited him rather well too. She’d have to remember that.

Shaving was an oddly hypnotic process for her. She’d seen William do it a thousand times and still couldn’t understand the draw. Something about watching someone while focused, or perhaps it was just the blade that interested her…though the trimmer was equally as fascinating. Not nearly as amusing as the faces he made, however; Claire had to hide a snicker in her hand to stop the noise from escaping. Oh, this is too good, she thought, shaking her head in silent mirth. She’d have to find a way to tease him for that later, if she could do it without giving away that she’d actually seen him.

Playing with his hair was too much, though. As he fixed it for the second time, she thought it might be best to retreat to the living room. Any further antics on his part might cause her to make herself known. She’d be amused, but could only guess he’d be slightly mortified. The doctor embarrassed easily, she’d noted, which would be fun to play with when they were,perhaps, more comfortable. When she knew just what she was planning for him… Shaking her head at the sobering thought, she slinked quietly back into the living room to perch on the arm of the couch and wait for him.

Claire didn’t expect Mohinder to look half as good clothed as he did almost naked. Perhaps it was just the fit of the jeans or how the vest made her think of his boxers, but the man cleaned up well. She raised an elegant eyebrow and let her gaze trail from his feet to that lovely, curly mess of hair of his. He stopped and took her in as well, glance appreciative. Almost more telling than his verbal compliment, though, was his manner; the pause as he searched for the right word, the way his gaze fixed on her. She grinned and, as she rose, made a quick bob of a curtsy. “And you’re too kind. Not to mention presentable. I might be inclined to be seen in public with you,” she teased, sliding back into the familiar guise of flirt. It was easy and a good way to test his limits. She could be tactless when she didn’t monitor herself, and she didn’t want to make that mistake with Mohinder.

Smiling at his offered arm, she took it and grabbed her purse. "Lead the way, monsieur,“ Claire said with a chuckle as he did just that, taking them out to his car once again. Settled in, she clicked the seat belt together and turned slightly in the seat to face him better. "How far is it?” she asked.

The End

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