It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

When she agreed, Mohinder couldn’t help his eyes widening and then a beaming smile once he realized he’d heard her correctly. Luckily he was turned around where he could enjoy this silent celebration without embarrassing himself. This meant that she probably didn’t think he was a dork… or she was too polite to say so. The last part of that thought caused a small frown. Really though, he needed to stop over analyzing the situation and just relax. When he was nervous, he tended to over calculate the smallest of events.

Her question snapped him out of his thoughts and he glanced over to her. “Oh, um, Chinese…” With the tv off and everything returned to how it was on the entertainment system, he moved to sit down beside her as he recalled the restaurants nearby. “There is a lovely place a few blocks over, yes. It is a bit fancy though.” This would be their first outing together and he wasn’t about to take her to a hole in the wall place. If he couldn’t feed her properly, he wouldn’t expect her to trust him with her DNA, he supposed.

“I don’t know if you’ve brought anything proper to wear though. If not, there are a couple other places a bit further away.” For some reason though, he had a good feeling from seeing her apartment - how it was decorated - that she would have at least one dressy outfit. “I mean, it is not formal.” There was no way Mohinder was going to wear a tux unless she specifically asked him to. “But yes, we would need to change.” At those words, he was reminded that he’d actually seen what she was wearing under her clothes from the incident earlier… and then suddenly the carpet under their feet was fascinating. Focus. It was just underwear… Lacy underwear. The kind of lingerie that he hadn’t had a front row seat for in quite a long time.

“We-” That came out as more of a squeak, causing him to clear his throat before continuing. “Well, what do you say? I think it would be an excellent opportunity to speak more about the procedure and I could answer any questions you may have as well.” There - professionalism. “Or we may talk about whatever you’d like; I do not mind.” Really, he didn’t. He knew what had to be done science-wise and would ensure she was never in danger during the whole ordeal.

Picking up his cup to now focus on it instead of the ground, he sipped at it slowly and quietly. Although he’d only been to that certain Chinese restaurant one time, he fondly remembered that it was a delicious experience, so there was no reason to worry about that angle, at least.

The End

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