It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Looking away from the game to smile at Mohinder, Claire replied, “Lovely language.” Lovely man, she thought, but that thought was not to be shared. Not when she was trying to decimate him at his own game. She was no judge of these things, but he seemed to be a pretty good racer; at the very least, better than the computer players. He’d kept up with her this whole time, despite being knocked off course and run over and electrocuted…and shell-ed? Was that the right term? Not all of that had been her doing, but she still found it amusing nonetheless.

He seemed impressed with her own skills as well, but she honestly couldn’t take any credit for them; she hadn’t spent any time honing her ability to races as Bowser, and corners still caused her to fishtail. Brakes were unreliable. But she’d made it through the shortcut and into the homestretch; the tension between them was palpable, even if it was the friendly sort that sports or games brought out in people. They were both leaning in, intent on the game….and he slipped on a banana. Choked at the finish line. Bowser zoomed over and the screen shifted, confetti showering down on everyone as the camera panned to show them all crossing the line. 

Setting the controller down, Claire couldn’t dampen the grin she turned to Mohinder. It wasn’t that she was excited about winning–though she was–but more that she’d had fun, and it seemed he had too. “Thank you,” she said with a bow-like nod of her head, interjecting just before he stumbled over his words again. Curves…good lord, he was amusing and absolutely adorable. She simply couldn’t take him seriously when he did that, and her grin only widened. There was an easy innuendo in there, about how he could handle her curves, but she couldn’t imagine his reaction to that. The bra had made him freeze, and she didn’t want him having a seizure. 

Slipping her hand into his, she gave it a firm, sportsmanlike shake. His hands were warm and soft and entirely pleasant, but she didn’t let hers linger, instead taking her own glass of cocoa and drinking a long sip. Mohinder could make a good cup of hot chocolate, that was for certain.  "That was a wonderful first experience with video games, doctor, thank you. I can see why people make them into a hobby.“ Then again, anything that got a man to strip for her was typically an okay pastime in her book…

"Do you play them often?”

The End

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