It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

“It’s Tamil. I was born in Madras, India. Well, now they call it Chennai. Lovely city.” Yes, there was a little small talk to cover up the fact that he was attempting to concentrate. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually played this game seriously and now he was having a literal crash course in it. Of course, it didn’t matter whether he won or lost. In his mind, he’d already won - being able to help another of his kind by ridding her of a dangerous ability and making a new friend. Yes, this was nice.

At her admittance of never playing a video game before, Mohinder couldn’t help quirking a brow. Interesting. And also interesting how she continued to knock him off the course. Normally one might get annoyed at such treatment, but he was finding it refreshing and amusing. Finally a challenge. That was the only way one could better themselves - being challenged by the unexpected. But it was when she’d taken the shortcut that his mouth dropped a little in awe. She was a natural. Scientifically speaking, this was quite an event to witness. A diamond in the rough.

Or perhaps he was making this out to be a bigger deal than it was because she was the first person to give him a challenge in forever? Nah, she was a gaming goddess. Wait, what was that smirk? Now was no time to figure that out as the finish line was coming up fast.

Once he noticed that they were both leaning forward and biting their lips in the same manner, it was over. Mohinder found himself completely distracted and slipped on a banana peel at the last second, allowing her big green turtle to breeze across the finish line first. Even so, he turned to smile at her. “That was… extraordinary.” Be cool. Be cool.“You are very skilled at virtual driving. No one has given me such a challenge in quite awhile. I like your curves… I mean-I like the way you handled those curves.” Oh gods. That was not cool. In fact, his cheeks began feeling the complete opposite of cool right about now. Hopefully his skin tone covered up most of it.

Deciding it’d be best to fall silent for the moment, he held out his hand to shake hers, congratulating her on the win. With the other hand he lifted his glass to tip it in honor before sipping at it to keep himself quiet, determined not to falter on his words again. It was just a video game; Lots of people were skilled at them, so this shouldn’t have been such a big deal, right? Perhaps it was the fact that he was so grateful for such wonderful company? That was certainly true, causing him to give her a shy smile at that thought.

The End

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