It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Once Mohinder noticed who she’d picked to be her racer, he gave a slight pause, not expecting that at all. Yes, he’d had run ins with Bowser before on this game and it was not a pleasant experience, especially since he used the small mushroom fellow as his driver… And yes, it had appeared she’d already learned how to squash the other characters with ease. For some reason, her laugh worried him and he swallowed before clearing his throat. He hadn’t practiced much recently at all, but perhaps that was a positive thing - they’d be on equal footing, just about.

At her words, his brows raised and a tiny smirk formed on his lips. The accent that was silk to his ears combined with her determination, it caused him to pause for a moment as the smirk turned into what was probably a very dorky grin. Usually people would only play games with him to humor him, but not her, it appeared. She was actually getting into the spirit of it all, and he appreciated her enthusiasm very much. “Nīṅkaḷ ōṭṭu,” he absently mumbled with a slightly bigger grin. He’d just told her she was adorable, so hopefully she couldn’t speak his language. Yes, perhaps he should have checked on that before he really embarrassed himself.

“Alright, as you wish. I will not pull any punches, or turtle shells, I should say.” That was probably a lie though, especially if he was winning too easily. That wouldn’t have been fun. Since she appeared to be allowing him to pick first, he wanted to choose a track that wasn’t too easy but not too tough… Aha, the ghost level! As it loaded, he gave her an innocent expression. “Good luck. There is a shortcut on this one, but I do not recommend you trying it at first.” And he wasn’t going to use it either.

And Mohinder suddenly remembered why he didn’t care for racing against Bowser. Every time the lizard king bounced his little fungi off the course, Mohinder gave Claire a look that said he was both amused and unamused at the same time. Amused by her antics, yes, but unamused that she’d learned them so quickly. Finally, a challenge. Okay it was time to get serious and while he was being picked up by the cloud turtle, he took a very determined sip of his hot cocoa and licked the froth from his lips. “Are you certain you have not played this particular game before?”

After getting tossed over the edge a few more times, it was really truly time to get serious, yeah. After kicking off his shoes and socks, he pulled off his over shirt, leaving only a thin white t-shirt in its place. That must have been it - he was just too warm and restricted by those clothes. With that taken care of, all focus was on the road now as he plotted to catch up to her. There were still plenty of laps to go, so he still had a chance. By now, Mohinder was passing the others and heading straight for Bowser like he’d stolen his chai. Nothing could interrupt his focus now…

The End

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