It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

I could get used to hearing that laugh, she thought as he chuckled, presumably at her somewhat out of character request to play video games. She wasn’t even sure if he knew it was out of character for her, but that was beside the point–it would be a welcome distraction from reality for the moment, and she knew she needed it. She liked to ease into things regarding personal matters, rather than crash into them head-on. Well, at least when they were emotional personal matters. Smiling a bit at his obvious concern over the state of his lab, she found herself glad he was a tidy person too. He likely had to be, in his line of work, but it would make this stay considerably more enjoyable; she liked things to be in their place, too.

“Sounds like a mutually beneficial idea, then,” she said, voice taking on exaggeratedly business-like tones. It didn’t last, however, and she took her turn to laugh. Feeling much more at ease, she nodded at his suggestion. “Of course I like cocoa,” she said, taking the controller and studying it briefly before he set things up for her to practice; though she was interested in the game, she couldn’t help but notice again how nice he smelled. She’d never used any kind of game system before, but from what she could tell of this N64, it was one of the older models. Still, this game looked entertaining enough, and she was always game for a bit of competition.

The start screen flashed “Mario Kart” in big, bold letters and several cartoon characters raced by in various outlandish cars. Absorbed in the scene before her, Claire only faintly noticed Mohinder leave her side to go about his tasks. She chose a brutish, large character named “Bowser” for her first run through. Picking one of the easier races, she ended up placing 5th. Not bad, but her competitive streak wouldn’t settle for anything less than winning. By the time Mohinder returned from his lab, she was slightly more familiar with the controls and taking out enemies with ease. The brakes proved to be a problem on sharper turns, but she got 3rd place for the second run through. Claire had never been one for technology, but she was smart, adaptive, and a quick study.

She smelled the chocolate before she saw Mohinder out of the corner of her eye as he sat to join her. "I’m finding it…interesting,“ she replied, tongue sticking out the side of her mouth in concentration. "I don’t understand the characters, but I rather like this destructive looking fellow…” Blonde head nodded to Bowser and she grinned as she ran over another of the smaller characters. A tiny chuckle escaped her lips as she rolled into 3rd place again. She was starting to care less about placing and more about ensuring the computer generated characters fell prey to her as often as possible. Reaching over to take her cup of hot cocoo during the break between races, Claire smiled up at Mohinder and looked pointedly at the extra controller within his grasp.

“I can’t promise anything about Rainbow Road, love, but you may need to put up a bit of a fight. I know I will.” Her grin was both wicked and playful, and as the screen went back to the selection menu, she waited for Mohinder to join; he’d know how to work that part of the game much better than she did. The doctor seemed just as enthused about the game as she was, and Claire had a feeling this would become a past time for them over the next several days. It would certainly break up the series of tests she was dreading…

The End

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