It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Noticing how her cheeks flushed caused Mohinder to feel how his face was quite warm as well. It was worth it though, as she seemed much calmer now than before he’d began singing to her. “You are most welcome. I want to make this as stress-free and pain-free as possible for you.” Then he carefully led her to the living room and over to his favorite recliner, tilting his head when she mentioned not starting right away.

At first hearing those words, he was worried that she might have been keeping a small fact from him that he would soon discover once he began the tests, but once she asked to play Mario Kart, Mohinder laughed quietly. This had to have been the first time a beautiful woman had ever asked him to play a video game. Somehow he remained calm, cool, and collected though and gave her question a slight nod. “Of course we can. I think that is an excellent idea. Plus, it will give me time to ensure the lab is warm enough. I have not used it in such a long time that I had closed the vent.” Not to mention, it was a bit messy in there and he hoped to have the room straightened up by the time she would see it.

After turning on the game system and TV, he handed over a controller to her. “While I open the vent in the lab and make us something to drink, why don’t have have a practice lap or two, hm? The controls are most intuitive, so you shouldn’t have any trouble.” And just in case, he leaned over to press a few buttons to get her to the practice mode before making his way to the kitchen to put on the kettle. “I assume you like hot cocoa, yes?” Because if any weather was perfect for the chocolatey drink, it was the current weather.

With kettle warming and cups out on the counter top, ready to be filled, he then made a quick beeline for the lab. Once inside, it was almost cold enough to cause his breath to materialize. It was fortunate that he remembered to do this. Since he wasn’t tall enough to reach the vent, he had to take a broom handle to nudge it open. With a click, he could then feel the warm air beginning to fill the room. Almost time to get back to business, yes.

By that time, the kettle had began whistling and he returned with a glance at the TV to see how she was doing. With a grin, he tipped the boiling water into their cups and began stirring them. After ensuring they were perfect, he brought her cup over and set it beside her. Without a sound, he pulled a chair over next to the recliner to finally be able to relax. Looking from her to the TV and back, he couldn’t help smiling. Watching her reminded him that underneath it all, they were just normal people trying to live their lives… and dodging blue homing shells. “How do you like it so far? I will go easy on you, I promise.” When it was his turn to choose a character, he would pick out Toad, the walking, talking mushroom and allow her to choose the course. “Just, do not choose Rainbow Road, please,” he said in a tone that was halfway serious and halfway joking as he tried to laugh it off as though he wasn’t scared of that level.

The End

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