It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

While not exactly made queasy by the needle, she was certainly apprehensive. A whole series of events, possible outcomes, flashed through her head, each one more bloody than the last, until she’d worked herself up to the point of faintly shivering. But his voice, touching his skin…the were calming, and she forced herself to focus on them rather than her worries. It wasn’t as though him taking a sample was going to throw her off the deep end, after all. Relax. Breathe.

And then…he started to sing. It was quiet, but entirely enrapturing, and Claire found she had no more thoughts about the needle or blood whatsoever; only his voice. She’d heard snippets of a few Indian languages before: enough to find them beautiful, though she didn’t know the meaning of a single word. Opening her eyes to watch his face, her lips parted slightly and she felt the tension melt out of her, water rolling off a duck’s back. The gesture was more than appreciated. It was sweet; it was endearing; it was almost…intimate. Though she didn’t realize it, she was smiling. No one had ever gone out of their way to do something so considerate for her. Well, no one other than William.

“…thank you…” she breathed after he’d finished speaking. Claire had taken in his words, heard and understood all of them, even smiling slightly at his joke about denying the song were she to share that event. But she hadn’t been able to say anything, still taken aback by something as simple as a lullaby. It wasn’t until she realized he’d taken her hand in his that she came crashing back to reality, cheeks glowing a faint pink. Sweet heavens, Claire, when was the last time you even blushed? She shook her head, though she didn’t move her hand. The procedure was already done, arm bandaged and blood safely tucked away. It had indeed been painless. The doctor was a man of his word.

Giving his hand a gentle squeeze at the suggestion, Claire nodded and rose from the bed, not feeling any hint of dizziness. “I’m fine,” she asserted, though she kept her hand in his as they made their way back to the living room. “Though…hopefully you don’t have to start analyzing quite so immediately?” Blue eyes were hopeful as she lowered herself down into the indicated recliner, glad to find it as comfortable as it looked. He, too, had good taste in furnishings. Then again, being a doctor must pay almost as well as crime.

Free hand wrapping around the arm of the chair, Claire looked back up at him through dark lashes. “You had mentioned something about a game? With a Princess Toadstool…do you think we might play that for a while?” She felt somewhat odd for asking about it, but the memory had replayed in her mind as she sat, and they both might benefit from something less…tense. Not to mention the fact that the concept intrigued her…

The End

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