It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

The way her expression suddenly changed as the needle came into view was one that he’d seen several times before. Usually it didn’t effect him though, but now that he was beginning to get to know her better - as much as one could in a few hours and a flash of unmentionables - he was hesitant as though giving a kitten their shot. She wasn’t fragile by any means, of course, but she’d probably been through so much in her life that Mohinder hated to have to add onto the trauma.

At least she didn’t possess all her strength right now, but that fact wouldn’t help to easeher anxiety. Just as he was about to puncture the skin, an idea had hit him that just might help though. It would cost him his dignity, but that was a small price to pay at the moment. Plus, with what she’d already shown him, he didn’t mind embarrassing himself for her. With a soft tone and decent pitch, he began singing a lullaby in his native tongue, just as he had to Molly before to calm her. Maybe it would work for Claire as well.

While the tune continued and somehow didn’t suffer, his main attention was on the syringe, ensuring that taking the samples was as quick and painless as possible. With a steady hand, the needle did not stray from its path or move to the side as he’d seen careless doctors allow. Near the end of the procedure, his concentration with the precise words of the song began to stray and there was perhaps some classic Bon Jovi mixed in there somewhere.

After setting down the syringe and tubes, then adding cotton and a bandage over the tiny wound, he placed his hand over her soft one and massaged, ready to catch her if she fainted, as he’d seen others do before. “See? Nothing to it,” he reassured with a smirk. “And if you tell anyone about my singing, I will most surely deny it.” That was said in a playful tone as he continued to rub her hand, watching to make sure she was going to be well enough to walk. “Please let me know if you begin to feel dizzy. This is the first step and you shouldn’t have to see another needle for quite a few days. I will begin analyzing these immediately for you.”

After a glance down to the samples and then to her eyes, he gave the most confident expression he could muster… all the while still holding her hand. Oops. Well she was very frightened a minute ago, so he wanted to give her some sort of comfort… but he should probably stop now… She was so soft and warm though and he felt simply terrible for having to put her through that. And what if she still might faint? Mohinder would definitely catch her. Undecided on what to do for the moment, he continued to give a sincere smile and gentle pat on her hand until she made a move. Hopefully the move wouldn’t be wobbling though. “Shall I help you to the recliner in the living room?” There we go - excellent idea!

The End

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