It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

My new bedroom,” she repeated, tilting her head at the pleasant way that felt rolling off her tongue. Mohinder, too, seemed pleased with the arrangement, or at least excited about having her visit. It made her wonder if he often had guests or spent most of his time alone. Having her own room was much more preferable than camping out on a couch or getting a hotel, though she would’ve gladly done either if it meant she could be rid of what haunted her. The spacious bed, however, looked much nicer, and she left the unpacked bags in a corner by the dresser; she could arrange everything later when there was more privacy. She’d already flashed the poor man her underwear. What’d he do if he saw her working knives or the little questionable bottles?

It was a nice room, though, all things considered, and as she waited for him to return, she sat on the bed and let out a sigh. This is really happening. It wasn’t a day dream anymore, though. She’d thought it was simply a fleeting fancy in the research stages, something that couldn’t actually be done, and then she’d heard whispers of what Dr. Suresh had done for others. Was going to do for her. He hadn’t even asked about payment, a fact she just now realized and determined she was going give him. She had more than enough money for her own needs…but how did she put a price upon her quality of life?

Whatever he wanted, she’d do her best to give it to him.

Mohinder returned with a faint clinking of his equipment, and Claire smiled faintly and watched him set up his things; she’d always enjoyed watching people do things they loved, things they were good at. It was almost like art unfolding. He seemed concerned about her even while doing that, though, and his assurance to never cause her harm was incredibly sweet. It broadened her smile, though that immediately drooped as he brought out the syringe.

Needles…she’d never liked them. Swallowing the lump that had risen in her throat, Claire let out a short burst of air and gave Mohinder a tiny smile. “Right, quick pinch…” Her laugh was nervous and she tucked a bit of hair behind her ear, a quickening feeling in her stomach preventing her from really enjoying the doctor’s gentle touches in preparation. She had goosebumps, but not from his hands. "I’m not overly strong unless I’m berserked, though,“ she clarified, words tumbling out over each other in their rush to leave her mouth. She took him up on his kindly offer, however, to hold onto his arm. She didn’t need much encouragement to wrap her fingers around that lovely, well-muscled appendage, and she did so, closing her eyes and bracing herself for the blood taking.

It was the first time anyone other than herself had ever done so.

The End

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